50 years of experience and research​

AID was born in 1969 from the intuition of Dr. Salvatore Torrisi to meet a fundamental need that concerned the entire agricultural sector: the protection of crops and farmers’ hard work from frost. A story that began 50 years ago in the USA, passed through Sicily, and now speaks to the whole world.

From California to Sicily

Everything started at the Citrus Research Center in Riverside, at the University of California, where Torrisi was following a two-year post-doctoral research study. There is where and when AID began to take shape. Torrisi then moved from the American West Coast to
Sicily and founded an international company, 100% Made in Italy at each stage of production.

The field study​

AID identifies, for each crop and for the different vegetative phases subject to the risk of frost, the precise threshold temperatures of damage. These valuable data, obtained through field experience, allow to have a “tailor-made” solution that can bring concrete benefits
on investments and performances. Savings and excellence: this is how we always guarantee you the best.

Research and evolution​

Science, method and research are still the power source of AID: our research center is one of the most advanced in the world in the field of crops protection from frost. Despite 50 years of experience and the growth of the company, we have never stopped renewing and evolving.

Over 10 thousand antifreeze fans installed in Italy and abroad

We installed machines in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Israel, Australia, the United States and France, improving the work and revenues of hundreds of farmers. You could be next.